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"Driven Engineering Construction Company renowned for excellence, quality, performance and reliability in all types of construction."

Vision & Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing high quality services through a better understanding of our customers' needs; adding value to our customers; exceeding our customers' expectations; and building long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with them. The Company was established by its founder to be self sufficient in all aspects and means to better serve its clients.

Company Profile

Droub AlJazera Company was established in year 2001 as a road construction, road maintenance services and building firm. Since then the company’s primary focus has been upon serving multinational service providers and property management firms and individuals, with various services related to civil construction, maintenance works and road works. Through our extensive task history of constructing ventures we have developed a customer service business philosophy. Proactive and timely completion of all the tasks is the backbone of our company. All employees, owner, office staff, project managers and field personnel aim to please.......


About Us

Droub AlJazera Contracting Company Limited, was established in 2001 under the Commercial Registration No. 1010168999, issued by the concerned authorities of Riyadh, to work in the fields of (Contracting, Road Paints, Ceramics, Cat Eyes, Signaling & Metal Barriers on all types of roads, General Construction, Road Construction, Maintenance & Construction of Buildings, Establishing Telephone Networks, Water & Sanitation, Maintenance & Operation of hospitals, Maintenance & Cleanliness, Operation & Refurbishment of Buildings).

Message from GM

Bakheet A. Saffar


Safety Program

Vision 2030

Our Vision Statement

Company Quality Policy

Quality Program

Message from GM

Based on our values of work and the exploitation of human energies and our awareness of the importance of utilize the time factor and proper management, functioning human element according to the challenges of the times and posed for us both from a scientific and practical progress in all areas and our belief in the value and the rise of this great country we had the pride to establish the Droub AlJazera Contracting Co., Ltd., to work in the field of contracting and construction of all kinds.....
We're always working hard with all our energies to reach the highest echelons, so that we are always in the focus of everyone. Droub AlJazera is always ready and armed with the best and latest methods and techniques to keep what we have reached our company's position in the field of contracting and construction, and with help and appreciation of Almighty Allah we will always be there.

Almighty Allah bless us all…

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About Company Divisions

Droub AlJazera Company has established departments that supervise the various aspects of the construction procedures. Each department has its own system, with the identification of the managers of the competent and innovative who serve as team leaders. Cooperation between the departments is always activated in order to have a systematic way of dealing with them. With each project of the company, coordination and communication is one of the key issues leading to the success of the project, and the principle of "unity is always moving us step forward".

Planning Department

► Determine the best sequence of project activities to ensure that they are terminated by budget and on time.
► Monitor the progress of the project during the various stages of its development.
► Emphasize the compatibility between the progress of the project and the pre-set schedule.

Engineering Survey Section

► Site preparation and schematic representation, property, walkways and other functions of the survey.
► Conducting a geographical survey to ensure the accuracy of the site, its measurements, heights and planning, he regions and their surroundings for construction, and mapping.

Road Safety Section

► Droub AlJazera carries out all types of traffic safety works such as road intersections, route planning, signage & directions, guardrails, naming & numbering of streets, pedestian system.
►The company’s traffic safety work is approved by the MoT.


Department of Mechanical Works

► Supervises water supply, fire fighting and air conditioning works in construction of road and building projects.
► The design and technical department works in the best designs in accordance with the various projects and in accordance with the terms and financial resources.

Electrical Works Department

► Ensuring all work carried out in relation to electrical equipment and installations in their area of responsibility is adequately supervised.
► The design and technical department works in the best designs in accordance with the various projects and in accordance with the terms and financial resources.

Studies and Costing

►Provide project cost estimates and construction and electromechanical projects.
► The preparation of technical and commercial proposals according to each customer's request.
► Review and study drawings and on ground requirements for the issuance of the bill of quantities.

Human Resources Department

► Maintain and strengthen human resources by planning, implementing and evaluating employee relations, policies, programs and practices.
► Employment of candidates through the professional recruitment coordination.
► Deploy of the potential manpower in accordance with project management.

Information Technology

► Ensure the security of computer systems and networks by providing a safe and secure environment.
► Make backups for accounting system and to ensure that system work without any interruption.
► Regular updates for the company’s website and profile of the company.

Procurement Department

► The procurement department manages all major business purchases, from the procurement of materials, property and services at the project level consists of procurement, contracting with suppliers and coordinating the movement of equipment.

Quantity Account Department

► Support to procurement management and project manager for contractual aspects of procurement and supply contracts.
► Continuous evaluation & review of contracts to ensure the practical and financial requirements.

Architectural Department

► Prepare the operational drawings according to specifications and quantities.
► Emphasize on the consturction style, safety and sustainability to ensure it meets the needs of its occupants as well as the requirements of state and federal regulators.

Structural Design Department

► The structural department design the construction according to the requirements of the project.
► Structural design, including computational notation setting.
► Coordination with other departments (electrical and mechanical).

Company Projects

The company's main office is located in Riyadh, so most of the projects are located in the center of the Kingdom. However, the company is also known as the main cities in the Kingdom, so there are different projects Of all the Kingdom has been awarded to the company, including the huge government sectors that give us more confidence and raise our morale in choosing our field of expertise to implement these projects, This expansion of projects and expansion of operations will set our goal to be among the best companies not only in the Kingdom, but also across the Middle East region as well..
The company has been classified in six areas (buildings - roads - water and sewage works - dams - road maintenance). In the coming years, the company seeks to raise its classification and add other fields of classification.
Each of these sections is responsible to carry out certain acts, as follows :

Road Projects

Traffic Safety Projects

Water and Sanitation Projects

Buildings & construction projects

Electricity projects

Site planning and landscaping

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